October 2015 Newsletter Newsletters09-24-1523
092015are You A Wrestler Sermons09-20-150
91315laughing At God Sermons09-13-150
090615the Human Creation Sermons09-06-150
083015new Beginnings Sermons08-30-150
September 2015 Newsletter Newsletters08-24-1521
082315beware Backsliding Sermons08-23-150
081615dedicate And Rededicate Sermons08-16-150
080915we Need To Commit To One Another Sermons08-09-150
080215covering Up Sermons08-02-150
072615there Is More To Confession Than Sin Sermons07-26-150
071915biblical Instruction Sermons07-20-150
071215some Will Not Get On Board Sermons07-12-151
070515no More Selling Out Sermons07-05-150
July/August 2015 Newsletter Newsletters07-01-1533
062815not Everyone Was Pleased Sermons06-28-150
062115do We Stand For Or Against God Sermons06-21-150
061415lets Rebuild Sermons06-21-150
060715investigate Process Resolve In Prayer Sermons06-12-150
053115im Not Good Enough1 Sermons06-12-150
June 2015 Newsletter Newsletters06-01-1513
052415never Alone Sermons05-27-150
051715a Fresh Start Sermons05-27-150
051015i Can Be Me Sermons05-27-150
SMC 2015 Registration Misc. Forms05-21-1528
May 2015 News Newsletters05-01-1516
April 2015 News Newsletters04-01-1513
March 2015 News Newsletters03-01-1512
February 2015 News Newsletters02-01-1511
January 2015 News Newsletters01-01-1513
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