Dinner and Devotions

Dinner and Devotions – usually on the 4th Wednesday of each month – Stiner Hall – 5:30 PM.  The next Dinner and Devotions will be on September 26th.

Mark your calendar and make a dish to share and come to Dinner and Devotions night. It is only for an hour, but it is so much more. Fun time with your church family, good food, and a short devotion and prayer time. Hope to see familiar and new faces.

Remember: if the school district is closed for bad weather, Dinner and Devotions will be cancelled.

What is Your Love Language?

“What is Your Love Language?” is our September sermon series theme. Do you love someone, but are not sure you are communicating your love? Do you know someone loves you, but you aren’t feeling it? Is there more than one way to share your love? Can you love God one way and your spouse or mother, or son in an entirely different way? What do we know about loving each other and loving God by looking at scripture? Last week we looked at how words can communicate love. Today we focus on time-quality time-as a means of expressing love. Each week we will explore a different way of communicating love.

Music Rehearsals Starting — We Need You!

ANNOUNCING a new year of Church Music

Inspirational Singers (Adult Singing Choir)—Practices: Thursdays @ 6:30 pm
First Rehearsal: Thursday September 13
Sings 2/3 Sundays per month—(Third and Fifth Sundays in September)—Sings first on September 16

Sonshine Chimers (Chime Choir)—Practices: Occasionally 11:20-12:00 Noon on Sunday
First Rehearsals: Sept. 16 & Sept. 30—Plays three times per year—Plays first on October 14

The Master’s Musicians (Instrumental Group) – Practices Sundays @ 9 AM on day they perform
First rehearsal: September 23—Plays usually Fourth Sunday of the Month—Plays: Sept. 23 and Oct. 7
Joyful Ringers (Hand Bell Choir) – Practices: Occasionally 11:20-12:00 Noon on Sunday First Rehearsals: Nov. 11 & Nov. 25—Plays three times per year—Plays: Dec. 9 and Christmas Eve

Cantata Choir (Christmas Cantata for December!)—Practices begin in October on Thursday nights
You do NOT need to be part of the IS to sing in the Cantata. Community members are invited to join this special presentation.

Faxon Festival Choir (Ecumenical Group—Adults & Youth)—Practices 2 Sunday afternoons per month beginning in February Performance—First Sunday of May (Closes Concert Series)—Open to any adult or youth who loves to sing Sacred Music.

Come join the Music Ministry… new members are ALWAYS WELCOME!!!