Mission Committee

The Missions Committee continues to be busy especially with the arrival of the holidays! For the month of December, our mitten/hat Christmas tree will be set up and waiting for lovely hats and mittens to adorn its branches. In addition to hats and mittens, “socks of love” can also be created and added to the tree. To create a “sock of love,” simply purchase a pair of socks (for anyone – children, men, and women). Place one sock inside of the other and stuff it with sundry items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc. Tie the sock up with a ribbon or bow and kindly adhere a personal message or Bible quote to the recipient. And, of course, have some fun!!

The Missions Committee also would like to sincerely and heartily thank all of you for all of your generous contributions in the helping of others over this past year! You all have certainly outdone yourselves! Last, we are always looking for others to join our committee, but if you cannot, please continue to keep Missions in prayer. Again, thanks to ALL OF YOU!!