Unity In Diversity Sermons05-27-187
June 2018 News Newsletters05-17-1819
A Mother's Love Sermons05-13-189
Salvation by the Holy Spirit Sermons04-29-189
Salvation In Jesus Sermons04-29-186
SMC-Registration-2018 Misc. Forms04-28-1825
SMC-2018-Poster Misc. Forms04-28-188
May 2018 News Newsletters04-20-1810
Witnesses of the Resurrection Sermons04-08-184
Because He Rose We Too Will Rise Sermons04-01-185
Praising and Condemning Sermons03-25-185
April 2018 News Newsletters03-21-188
Jesus Tells of His Death Sermons03-18-186
Whosoever Believes Sermons03-11-186
Destroy This Temple Sermons03-04-188
March 2018 News Newsletters02-28-1811
Taking the Cross to Follow Jesus Sermons02-25-187
Baptism and Temptation Sermons02-18-187
Easter Egg Hunt Misc. Forms02-15-1813
Staying on the Mountaintop Sermons02-11-188
Krieger and Little Misc. Forms02-07-1810
The True Believer Sermons02-06-186
Ponder Anew What The Almighty Can Do Sermons01-21-1811
February 2018 News Newsletters01-18-1812
Peace with Justice Sermons01-14-187
A New Beginning Sermons01-07-187
Another Year of Grace Sermons01-01-188
Born to Save Sermons12-31-177
January 2018 News Newsletters12-28-1710
A Promise Fulfilled Sermons12-25-176
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