UPDATE-Merger Exploration with Pine Street United Methodist Church

The Team of 8 and our consultant, Mark Meyer, met on Sunday, April 14 for the afternoon. We made significant progress reporting on various work that had been accomplished since November. These tasks included the Listening Sessions in both churches, activities such as sharing meals and holding Prayer Walks in the neighborhood of each church, talking with Susquehanna Conference staff about needed denominational merger requirements, meeting with an attorney for answers to legal questions and providing questions and answers about each church with the other congregation. We scheduled May 5 following worship as a meeting for each church to look at our plan for merger “Better Together” that the team has worked out and provide an information session. In addition, Faxon-Kenmar Church will hold a Special Church Conference at that time to vote about moving to Phase 2 in the merger process. If the vote is positive, then Sunday, June 2 there will be a Church Conference at both churches to vote on MERGE.

If the vote is positive to merge for both churches, the Final Sunday for worship at Faxon-Kenmar will be on June 30. (No services at Pine St.) And on July 7, 2024, the First Combined Service will be at Pine St.

Prayer Walks

We held a prayer walk January 27th in the Faxon-Kenmar neighborhood in collaboration with Pine Street UMC. We then had a prayer walk on February 24th in Pine Street’s neighborhood. Another one is scheduled for March 16th back at Faxon-Kenmar. Please watch for more information.