Stabler’s Grove 80th Anniversary Camp Meeting

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  • Tuesday – A Revival of Prayer and Fasting “The War Room”Clyde Myers Family
  • Wednesday – A Revival of the Holy Ghost “Supernatural Seizure”Ron Kelly
  • Thursday – A Revival of Holy Living “Disconnected but Not Unplugged”Pat & Harlan Bower
  • Friday – A Revival of Gospel Preaching “The One Thing Missing”Bobbi Grieco and Dave Ward
  • August 1 – A Revival of Love “Let Me Carry That”Joe Tokay III
  • August 2 – A Revival of the Church “You Are On A Mission From God”Ken Paulhamus Quartet.

For further information on this year’s camp meeting, call 570-398-2973 or 570-998-9033.

To get to Stabler’s Grove from Route 220 between Williamsport and Jersey Shore, follow Stabler Grove signs at either Pine Run or Queneshaque Roads, or from Route 973 east of Salladasburg, take Jobs Run Road.